CRUMB AND PUNISHMENT, / by Georgiana Daniels

Crumb and Punishment, / by Georgiana Daniels  (A KC Crumb Mystery, 2)
Cozy Cove Press     ISBN     9781736725023
Adult     Rating:     4unnamedAuthor Georgiana Daniels returns with another entertaining cozy mystery, set in the small town of Beaver Bluff, OR.

In Crumb and Punishment, amateur sleuth KC Crumb and her friends try to solve the murder of the town busybody Ruby, who dies in the local ice cream shop making the shop owner the main suspect. But their efforts to clear their friend’s name can be deadly as KC has several attempts on her life. Will they solve the mystery before someone else gets killed?

KC’s quirky friends are diverse in age and occupation, yet they are able to work together — despite the red herrings and false clues — to discover who is really behind Ruby’s murder. Secrets from the past are revealed, and relationships are explored as they follow the clues. While this book can be read as a standalone, the reader will enjoy being introduced to KC and Beaver Bluff in Daniels‘ first book, Crumbs of Passion.

Crumb and Punishment has all the elements of a good mystery — memorable characters, a good storyline with plenty of red herrings, as well as a dash of humor and romance thrown in. Just when the mystery is solved, the author throws in a twist on the last page, setting up for the next book. Watch for A Crummy Way to Die, coming 2022.

Carol R. Gehringer

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