Review: ACCEPTABLE RISK, / by Lynette Eason

Acceptable Risk, / by Lynette Eason (Danger Never Sleeps, 2)
Revell     ISBN     9780800729356
Adult     Rating:     4

Award-winning author Lynette Eason returns with another installment in her latest series, continuing the storyline started in the first book, Collateral Damage.

In Acceptable Risk, military journalist Sarah Denning is taken hostage when her convoy is attacked. Sarah’s father, a high-ranking commander, calls on former Army Ranger Gavin Black to rescue her. Then her father pulls some strings to have her discharged and sent back to the States under a false psychiatric evaluation. Angry with his interference, she plans to fight it. 

But first, she enlists Gavin’s help to find out the truth behind her brother’s apparent suicide. Their investigation leads to a conspiracy about a new drug and its side effects — and some people who would rather not have the truth revealed. Will she live to tell the story of their investigation?

As expected, Eason creates an action-packed story filled with believable characters, faith elements, clean romance, and a story set in the US and military outposts. Violence is present as one would expect in this storyline. 

While this book could be read as a standalone, the characters and storylines introduced in Collateral Damage, continue their story in Acceptable Risk. Although Sarah, and her friends Brooke and Heather have different professions, they spent time deployed in Afghanistan. Their shared experiences build strong bonds of friendship even after their tour of duty is over. Like her friends, Sarah is a woman with a strong sense of justice and her investigative skills put her in the line of danger.

Recommended for adult collections and fans of military romantic suspense, especially fans of Ronie Kendig, Susan May Warren, and Dani Pettrey. Watch for book 3, Active Defense, coming in January 2021.

Carol R. Gehringer

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