Review: BRIDGE TO BELLE ISLAND / by Julie Klassen

The Bridge to Belle Isand, / by Julie Klassen
Bethany House     ISBN     9780764218194
Adult     Rating:     5

Award-winning author Julie Klassen pens a historical mystery/romance set on Belle Island, a remote island on the Thames.

 In The Bridge to Belle Island, lawyer Benjamin Booker investigates the murder of an old friend in London. The evidence leads him to Belle Island where the beautiful Isabella Wilder lives. But severe anxiety keeps her trapped on the island for the past ten years. How can Isabella be her trustee’s killer when she has not left the island? What about her recurring dream or is it a memory? Can Benjamin discover the truth?

Klassens writes characters who feel real and engaging: Benjamin struggles with vertigo while Isabelle struggles with severe anxiety. The main theme of the book is forgiveness and learning to trust again. Both of them have suffered disappointments and family tragedies that affect their present circumstances. The faith elements are light-handed, as the characters give and accept forgiveness, while learning to trust God in all situations. 

Recommended for public and high school libraries. Her novels appeal to adults and high school readers alike. Fans of other historical fiction writers will be delighted to read this new book.

Carol R. Gehringer

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Klassen is known for her excellent plot and character development.

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