Review: WHERE YOU LEAD / by Leslea Wahl

Where You Lead. / by Leslea Wahl
Vinspire      ISBN     9781732711228
YA     Rating:     4

Author Leslea Wahl’s latest book — Where You Lead – continues her collection of inspirational teen fiction.

In Where You Lead, Eve Donahue (a professor’s daughter) and her new friend Nick Hammond (a senator’s son) follow clues all over the Washington, D. C. area. They are solving a mystery surrounding Civil War treasure. But not everyone wants the mystery revealed — and as they uncover a conspiracy, will they solve the mystery before that someone stops them?

Their relationship is a clean romance, and the story is filled with believe-able characters, a light touch with faith elements, and an adventurous mystery. Eve reminds the reader of Nancy Drew, the teenager who is known for solving mysteries.

Although there are references to Catholicism, the book can be read by anyone, regardless of religious background. Eve starts on this mystery when she sees a vision featuring Nick, who lives thousands of miles away. She feels called to a mission of solving the mystery surrounding the lost Confederate gold. Meanwhile, Nick has his own experience which leads him to convince his dad to run for the Senate. When they meet, both feel called to work together to solve the century-old mystery. As clues become entangled in deception and leaving them unclear whom to trust, they believe that God calls people every day to big and small tasks.

Recommended for high school libraries and young adult collections in public libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

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