How to Stalk Your Favorite Author

Do you like a particular author? Why not follow these steps to get to know him or her better? Nichole Parks gives some good tips to “stalking” your favorite authors . . .

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Today, we have a guest post from Nichole Parks, a BHP intern and a devoted reader. Enjoy her tips…I sure did!


“Abridged” was a new word for me. I reread the back cover of the audio book case. My thirteen-year-old heart hiccupped. “Abridged” as in someone-had-cut-out-parts-of-the-story? That abridged? I scattered the rest of the audio CD containers around me. I hadn’t heard the entire O’Malley series.

With that, I took to scouring

The Negotiator and The Guardian fit nicely in my shelf. But I was thirsty by then. Anything Dee Henderson wrote, I read. I even took to reading other authors simply because of her endorsements.

I studied her website.

Scoured the Internet for interviews.

I memorized her back covers. No joke. I can pop one of them out like a verse—it’s not exactly something I’m proud of.

Then I decided, “Hey, why not be a writer like…

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